My First University Break Day

Today being Thursday, I had an English paper due yesterday and a philosophy paper due today, so I told myself that after my one class today, which is philosophy, I would allow myself a break. This break would include doing some of my favorite things: folding origami, taking pictures with my DSLR camera, watching The Ellen Degeneres Show, watching Korean dramas, watching YouTube, riding my bike, etc. As I am writing this blog, I have accomplished to fold origami, photographing, and riding my bike. I am waiting to watch Ellen right now because one of my hall mates is already watching TV. Day in the life of a dorming university student, eh?

Later on this evening, I will be going to the student recreation center with another one of my hall mates because she asks me to join her. So this is one of few obligations I have today.

Although today is my break day, I cannot allow myself too much leeway. I still have a small amount of reading to do. But it is nice to not have a bundle of work to do.

P.S. I will be posting some of the photos I took today! 🙂

Constructed this little dragon today in my philosophy lecture.
Constructed this little dragon today in my philosophy lecture.

One thought on “My First University Break Day

  1. Hi Ruby, It sounds like you are doing well. Your blog is pretty cool with a lot of nice photographs. Your dad and I took a walk with the dogs this morning. Izzie, Taz, and “The King Pooch”. On Tuesday your dad is making a delivery to Carson City and I am going along for the ride. It should be interesting and I am looking forward to getting away for a day and a half. Anne and I went to see “A Hard Days Night” on the big screen on Tuesday and it was great! How are your studies going? Anne says hi and we both send our love your way. From Chuck


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