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Last night I ended up not going to the gym with my hall mate, Rhea, because she had some English reading to do. She exclaims that reading English is difficult for her, since she is from China and therefore is not a native English speaker.

I went to dinner by myself in order to read the English assignment. One thing
that I have noticed over the past couple days is that I miss eating vegetables, such as squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, but especially corn and broccoli. So last night at dinner, my second plate of food was entirely peas and carrots (hehe). Not the most delicious vegetables I’ve ever eaten but they were still satisfying.

This morning I realized that I had left my bike at a bike rack in front of a campus building instead in the bike cage outside of my dorm hall. This is because I had walked back to the dorm yesterday while I was taking pictures around campus. So I had to actually walk to class this morning, which in my opinion, walking is too slow.

At the start of the evening, I went to extra Taiko practice. Taiko is Japanese drumming, and UCR has a club/team that I am trying to join. By trying I mean that it is not guaranteed that one gets to join the club, that is why it more like a team that you have to try out for (in fact the new people are even called “tryoutees”). They do teach us to be able to play/tryout, but they do want to see dedication. So, I am going to extra practice to work on the two songs we have learned and to work on my stance, called Kata. This extra practice I actually feel like I did well. I was there for about an hour, but I really felt in that one practice that my hits were getting stronger, and louder for that matter.

I got back to the dorm around 22:00 last night and ended up Skyping with Taewoo Yang until midnight. Taewoo is a really good friend of mine who is currently in the Korean military (he is Korean) so we do not get to communicate much because of that. We met in our junior year of high school. He was a foreign exchange student through Rotary and he ended up coming to our little Grove School and we became friends over the course of the academic year. He has been in the military since August of this year and he is planning to be discharged in August of 2016. It was really nice being able to speak with him again and share about the major and even minor stuff in our lives.


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