A Slightly Worried Rishov

Today I went on a beach trip with my friends from Rancho Cucamonga. The people who went were Taha, Rishov, Sumesh, Jaek, me, and we met Frank when we arrived at Santa Monica (Frank attends UCLA so he took the bus to the beach). We enjoyed some burgers for lunch on the pier, and Taha and I actually went in the water. The water temperature seemed to be normal, but the slight overcast made the air temperature feel colder. So, naturally (for me), I was cold for the majority of the trip. After leaving the sand, we all walked on the pier together, walked to the end, and watched the sun set. That’s a good thing about living on the west US coast- awesome sunsets. 🙂

Sumesh, being a Nepali, wanted to enjoy this beach trip. So he went on a walk along the beach. For two hours. One could say that Rishov was a little worried. Both Rishov and Sumesh are students (and good friends) at Pitzer College in Claremont, so he jokingly felt he was responsible for the 21 year old Nepali.

We are weren’t planning on me being the only girl going on the day trip, but the other girl who was planning on going backed out last minute. It did not bother me, though. The are a group of people who talk a lot about computers and science and such but I definitely felt engaged in most of their conversations. It is also interesting to hear them talk about subjects that girls don’t normally hear guys talk about; which is girls. It definitely was not a prominent subject throughout the day but it did come up once or twice. I even pointed it out to them that it is not a side of guys that is portrayed regularly, and they agreed. After their response to my comment, they just went on with their goofy conversations and outbursts of laughter.

20141109_134652 20141109_134700

It's not what it looks like.
It’s not what it looks like.

20141109_134811 20141109_134906 20141109_155416 20141109_155441-SMILE 20141109_164720 20141109_164731


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