Quidditch Tournament

The day started early at 7 AM in order to prep the field. Tye, our president, was painting the pitches last night, so we didn’t have to do that this morning. We had to set up the snack bar table, e-z ups, hoops, cones. Volunteers also had to be organized. From what I have gathered, there are 6 referees on a pitch at a time.

In our first game, we played against Arizona State University (ASU). ASU is known to be quite aggressive, so I was a bit apprehensive about being on the field. The word about ASU turned out to be true, and we lost that game. Sadly, one of the best players on our team, Stephen, sprained his knee in the first 5 minutes. He didn’t play throughout the rest of the day.

Our second game was against the Long Beach Funky Quaffles (cool name, eh?). We won that game! It was a good feeling for the team, being our first win for the season.

We played against the Santa Barbara Blacktips in the third game, and with them being one of the best teams at this particular tournament, we losed.
This next fourth game was the first game of bracket, meaning if a team losed this fourth game, it would be their last, putting them out of the tournament. Teams participating in this tournament were also guaranteed 4 games to play.

Our first bracket game was against University of Southern California (USC). We were tied throughout much of this game, but eventually our seeker, Jerome, caught the snitch and we won! We got to move on in the brackets and we put USC out of the tournament.

Unfortunately, we did not win our fifth game (2nd bracket game). We were put up against the Blacktips again. We did try our hardest but we still did lose.
At the end of Riverside Quidditch’s (my team) tournament participation, USC went on. I had to leave right after our last game, but I was later informed that the Lost Boys won first place in the tournament.

Overall it was a nicely planned tournament by our team president, Tye, and it was an enjoyable first quidditch tournament for me. I learned a lot about how quidditch games work and how clear communication goes a long way.


Not very exciting pictures, as I was mainly focused on quidditch rather than photography.


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