A Month Before China

Last Saturday marked a month before my departure to China. Yesterday, Monday, was my last study abroad meeting here at UCR, well, it was more of a ceremony. When we first got the dates for all of the mandatory meetings, this last one seemed so far away. “All the way in May!” But now it is in the past. All that is in the future now is an experience that will truly change my life.
Last night after the ceremony, my mom came to UCR in order to drop of my headphones, and we ended up talking in her car for almost an hour. We were either talking about China or just college in general. She asked me if I was having any second thoughts about this whole experience I am about to endure, and I said no. Although, I told her that I am a little worried about the language aspect. For the summer at Beijing Normal University, it is simply an intensive Chinese language course, so I have no worries there, but Peking University is a different story. I have only been learning Chinese for 2 years which is not nearly enough to take and understand a class at PKU taught in Chinese. So I will be very limited on which classes I can take, which unfortunately might set me back on my track to graduate within 4 years. However, I have just recently found out about a program within PKU called Yenching Academy. All of the courses it offers are about China, taught in English, and meant for foreigners. It sounds perfect for me. My worry about that is that it seems like a master’s program, but we’ll see.
I am going to miss my family. My mom, my dad, my cat, my dog, and a little bit of my brother (he has not been very connected to our family lately so…yeah). I currently miss the days we played with each other when we were younger. I will also miss the Inland Empire. All of my memories of home are here in the IE, whether it be Grand Terrace, Riverside, or Redlands. I am going to miss YouTube, Facebook, and other websites, too. I would not be able to forget Modern Family (one of my most favorite TV shows), either. When I am gone, the new Star Wars movie is coming to theaters. Before I was going to go to China, my mom and I planned on going to the midnight premiere together. Now I can’t. The movie may premiere in Beijing, but my mom and I won’t be seeing it together. The last season of Downton Abbey (a PBS program) is also premiering during my term in China.
Maybe when I’m not on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites, I’ll be more focused on my school work and the adventures I will have in China. So I do see a benefit to being cut off from almost all of the social media networks I have come to know.


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