Origami Club

I am about to depart my dorm’s lounge and attend UCR Origami Club 🙂 Origami Club has weekly meetings which are Tuesdays at 7:10pm.
I really enjoy Origami Club. It is a great group of people and we always laugh. It is 2 wonderful hours of origami and laughter. Hopefully Peking University has an Origami Club of some sort that I can join.
Today’s theme is fantasy. I am expecting to see a dragon and a unicorn being some options.
After Origami Club, I am going to the library to meet up with a classmate to complete our Chinese speaking homework. The two of us also need to discuss what are are doing for our final presentation in the class.

An update!
There were no dragons or unicorns prancing around in yesterday’s Origami Club meeting. I folded a heart with wings and vampire teeth. I’m not sure if either of those models are worth memorizing, maybe the teeth. Maybe. During the meeting, I was watching several different KPOP music videos with Ben, the current President, and Diane, the current secretary. And once again, lots of laughter in those two hours.


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