I don’t know if the fact that I am studying in China gave it away but I really like Asia! My top countries of interest are China, Korea, Japan, and Thailand. I like listening to Korean Pop music and watching Korean Dramas, and I definitely want to learn the Korean language after I learn Chinese. The only thing Japanese that I take part in is watching Japanese anime, and I haven’t even watched that many. But the country still makes me curious. China’s language attracts me greatly, which is why I am learning it in its homeland. And for Thailand, well I do not know very much but I am interested in learning more, just like the other countries. Life equals learning and growing, right?

My major in university is Asian Studies, with a minor in business, so it is a definite possibility of working in Asia. I like it in Beijing. In fact, when I was in a different province for a week, I missed Beijing. There is a lot of stuff to do here. I would say the only real drawback is the air quality, and that’s not even a constant problem.

I have got some new pages coming out soon on the different branches of Asian culture I engage with, so stay tuned!


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